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Sheldon Lavin: A Super Achiever and Philanthropist

Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and CEO of the OSI Group of Companies. The company started its exponential growth when Lavin became a partner in 1970. He steered the company to one of the largest food processing enterprise. OSI Group has about 65 facilities in over 15 countries around the world. Most of the food items enjoyed today in the local food stores is supplied by the group.

Sheldon Lavin strongly believes in the sustainable use of natural resources. He understands the importance of the environmental conservation and has incorporated green ethics in his management. His company recorded a 20% drop in electricity consumption in Spain. As an experienced banking executive and investor, he continues to expand the food business through strategic market approach and food safety practices.

The company boasts of over 20,000 employees across the world. They fondly acknowledge Sheldon’s leadership approach. The investor often delegates some of his duties to highly competent individuals in his company. Sheldon says this approach helps him make informed decisions about the company.

In Feb 2016, Sheldon Lavin was recognized as a persistent and visionary leader who has built a business empire from the ground. He was honored with the Global Visionary Award in India. Additionally, RSM US LLP 2015 presented him with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his unrivaled commitment to the local and business community in Chicago. OSI Group, under his leadership, has won other vital awards including the Globe of Honors Award given by the British Safety Council. The award recognizes “corporations that had developed creative techniques of minimizing environmental pollution.”

According to Forbes, OSI Group is ranked 66th in the food and beverage market and is a leading firm in the world. These global awards and recognitions were made possible by Lavin’s exemplary performance and leadership.

Business is not the sole focus of Sheldon Lavin. He is an active philanthropist involved in numerous charities that have contributed positively to the lives of the less fortunate people around the world. Lavin is involved in several charity and community events including the Ronald McDonald House Charities, Feeding America, Jewish United Fund, Evans Scholarship Fund, and Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago.

Sheldon Lavin is an icon businessman and philanthropist who is a role model to young entrepreneurs.

How Sheldon Lavin manages the largest privately owned food processor in the U.S

OSI Group has dominated the American food industry for over hundred years. The company was initially known as Otto & Sons and they supplied fresh meat cuts to markets in Chicago. Later on, Otto & Sons Company was contracted by the McDonalds to supply meat and other products to their facilities in Chicago and other States in the U.S. Otto & Sons company grew from a small Chicago-based butcher shop to become among the top largest privately owned food companies in the U.S.

Lately, OSI Group has penetrated other markets, mainly in India, Europe, and China. The latest entrant into the OSI Group is Spain based food suppliers. OSI Group has focused on a series of acquisitions in a bid to penetrate the international market. Nowadays, they value-added meat products are not only available in the U.S, but also in seventeen other countries where they have mega food processing facilities.

OSI Group creates autonomous units that produce and distribute high-quality food products to their customers. Their processing facilities in different part of the globe produce products based on the culture of the market and the prevailing local regulations. However, the performance of these facilities is overseen by the leadership sitting at the company’s headquarters in Aurora, Illinois.

OSI Group’s products

If you are a fast food enthusiast, there is a high probability that you have eaten products from OSI Industries. The company started by producing fresh meat and then began supplying value-added proteins to different brands. They have now diversified to include other products such as beans, fresh vegetables, and poultry products. The diversification is in line with the company’s mission of meeting the needs of the current consumers.

OSI Group’s leadership

The main reason why OSI Group has remained in the market for over a century is as a result of great and visionary leadership. Sheldon Lavin the CEO of OSI Group has played a critical role in the company’s success since he took over reigns.

Over the years, Sheldon Lavin has led OSI Group into a series of acquisitions that has seen the company dominate food markets far from the U.S. It is under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership that OSI Group acquired Baho Food in 2016, Flagship Europe, the former Tyson Foods and also processing facilities in China.

Sheldon Lavin is a revered entrepreneur who attributes his entrepreneurial skills to the knowledge he acquired while pursuing a degree in Accounting and Finance. Sheldon Lavin initially worked with Otto & Sons in the 1970’s before becoming a permanent employee of the company.

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OSI Group’s Comittment To Foodservice Excellence

One of the most demanding industries in the world is the foodservice industry. The harvesting of food may seem to be an easy process, but there are many more factors that must be in-place for the process to run smoothly. On top of that, this industry has other vital components such as getting the foods out to the public. This can be a logistical nightmare for most foodservice providers, but there is one provider that has a firm-grip on the entire process. OSI Group of Aurora, Illinois, is that company, and it handles every aspect of the foodservice industry. Yes, that’s definitely a mouthful, but it’s true and this is why.

OSI Group is more than a company because it has a plethora of facilities and factories. In other words, this company is an industry in itself. There are up to 65 technological-advanced facilities around the globe. Poland, Brazil, Australia, Germany, Canada, Hungary, Austria, Japan and China are just a few of the areas. OSI has numerous facilities throughout the United States in the states of California, Illinois, Iowa and Utah. There are over 20,000 employees in all. That’s right! Custom-food solutions is what it does best, and it will work directly with the client to turn this dream into a reality. OSI Group has some of the strictest safety practices out of any food provider. Clients and customers will receive unsurpassed safety in all food products. Some of the benefits included are:

• Real-World Food Knowledge
• Exceptional Culinary Skill
• Stringent Testing
• Process Control Measures
• Global Food Safety Initiation
• And many others

This company received the prestigious Globe of Honour Award in 2016. This award is for exemplary management of environmental risks. OSI’s Kelly Grimwood was presented with the award by the British Safety Council at London’s Drapers Hall. This company has already won the award in 2013 and in 2015. Global efficiency also separates OSI from the competition. It seems like every aspect of the business is outperforming all competitors on a consistent basis and that’s a fact.