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Basil Enjoys Beneful Dog Food Because Of Its Savory Flavor

I have a dog and her name is Basil. The reason that I and my husband decided to name our dog Basil is because she loves basil more than life itself. Basil is a friendly dog who likes to play with other dogs at the dog park daily. Basil has been on Beneful dog food for her whole life due to the great quality and price that it offers on Wal-mart. Basil frequently eats Beneful playful life dry dog food because she is very high energy and loves to spend time with her doggy friends but throughout her life she has also had and loved the Amazon best-selling Beneful originals in every flavor that they have to offer which is also one of Beneful’s dry dog foods. Basil is yet to try Beneful’s wet dog foods [] due to the fact that she is not that old yet but I hope to let her try some of Beneful’s wet dog foods soon. The first Beneful wet dog foods I want her to try are beef and chicken medley and roasted turkey medley. The reason I want Basil to try those two specific wet dog foods made by Beneful is because they have some great ingredients in them and I know how much she loves beef, chicken, and turkey so I am sure she would just get a kick out of those two specific wet dog food types. Beef and chicken medley has green beans, carrots, and wild rice in it to give it an outstanding flavor that all dogs crave whereas the roasted turkey medley has turkey, corn, wild rice, and barley in it also giving it its own unique flavor. I have never really been the type to go on about how great a product is but I felt when it came to Beneful I just had too because it not only gives Basil the energy she needs to play outside on a sunny day but it also saves me money because Beneful dog food is at a great price point that anyone could afford. I never knew when my friend told me about Beneful that Basil and I would both fall in love with it from the start.


Benefully Yours: The Top Dog In Dog Food

Most dog foods fall short when it comes to quality in both ingredients and in nutrients. The company Nestle PurinaStore, the creator of Beneful products boasts, “Real meat as the #1 ingredient and no added sugars…”. That is the beginning of some great dog food! They have several great kinds to offer you and your pooch.
Beneful offers several flavors for their “original” line ““. This comes in real chicken, real beef, and real salmon. This blend is geared towards regular dogs with regular needs but with exceptional taste buds! The Original blends offer real meat ingredients, and “100% of the nutrition they need,” says the experts at Beneful.

They also offer a line geared for pups. Their “Healthy Puppy” line of dry food offers up real chicken, peas, and carrots. It also adds the beneficial ingredient DHA which helps puppies ( and human babies too!) with their brain development, and with vision.

Got a smaller dog? They have a line for the little ones too. With Beneful‘s “Incredibites”, the pieces are made smaller so your little champ doesn’t have to fight to fit those big bites their mouth. This option comes in real beef and real chicken just like the morsels for bigger dogs, only bitesize!

We all know a picky eater. If you have a wet dog food ( only furbaby, you’re in luck. Beneful offers a delicious wet food too. This line comes in both “incredibite” size as well as regular size too. All of the ingredients in the wet food are easily identifiable as well as nutritious. Things like carrots sweat potatoes, peas, tomatoes, and of course, real meat make up this savory dish. Most of these options come with a resealable tub for easy storage and manageable leftovers.

Lets not forget to reward our pooches sometimes with treats! Beneful offers 6 different kind of yummy snack sticks for your dog. Even better, all of these treats help keep that toothy smile white and healthy. Of course there is a mini option for those little doggies too!

As you can see it’s a lot. Still curious? Visit to see everything they have to offer.