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GTL spurned by its superior, Securus

GTL, a bit player in the prison services industry who has struggled to maintain any scraps of relevance, was recently dressed down by its superior rival Securus in a humiliating, public check-mate. GTL had been making frivolous claims about Securus’ broad lineup of industry leading technologies. Securus countered by offering a level-playing-field comparison of a few of the two companies’ technologies which compete in the same space. GTL, knowing defeat was imminent, had no choice but to decline, effectively ceding the abortive contest to the victor, Securus.



Game-changing technologies that touch the lives of inmates


Despite what detractors say, Securus’ almost $1 billion in research and development expenditures over the last decade have produced real results. One of these is its Primonics video visitation system. Primonics is a fully featured, high definition video visitation system that puts inmates into face-to-face contact with their loved ones. This not only allows functionality very similar to in-person visitations, it allows is at incredibly cheap prices and at frequencies never before possible.


Prior to the mid-2000s, if an inmate wanted to see and hear from their loved ones they were consigned to make either outrageously expensive collect calls or wait to see their family in a traditional in-person visit. In practice, this often meant that inmates serving long sentences did not have the opportunity to keep in touch with their friends and family on the outside. Such inmates often lost hope, leading to disciplinary problems and, in the worst cases, life threatening violence.


With Securus’ video visitation technology, inmates can now stay in nearly constant contact with their friends and family and do so at rates that allow for even poor inmates to make weekly or even daily video calls back home. This instills a sense of hope that can keep inmates on the right track and lower recidivism.



A Christmas visit by Securus Technologies

When someone is in a correction facility, it can be tough to get through. It becomes even challenging to cope being away from their friends and family. People in correction facilities certainly need a way to get in touch. Securus Technologies strives to solve this through their Christmas video visitation visits.


The Christmas video visits has given inmates another chance for communication. They can see their loved ones and talk to them. The video visitation program is a lot like the real connection. Inmates can join their family in real time events. For instance, one video showed a father watching his son open their gift. The video created the atmosphere that the father was with his kid. People in correction facilities can feel better and maximally enjoy their holidays.


Securus Technologies recently released a series of information videos. The videos highlighted various benefits of the video visitation program. In the video, an male inmate was calling his family. He was helping his wife wake their son. He watched him open his presents and helped him find out what Santa had brought on Christmas Eve. The father and child had a beautiful moment. Even though the father was away, he could still enjoy happy moments with his son.


I believe that the kind of technology advancements by Securus is good for the society. The ability of a father to watch his son is extraordinary. The video visits are gaining immense popularity in jails and prison facilities across the United States. The high rate of face to face communication is set to help family members remain together. The videos should also create a bigger picture for inmates. Inmates will see what is happening outside the correction facilities and have a happy moment.


Since it was established, Securus Technologies has improved its customer service. In March 2016, the company received BBB accreditation. Such accreditation is an indication that the clients trust the company. The primary services offered by the firm is the video visitation program. Such a service has been highly beneficial to inmates. It enables loved ones visit inmates from any location. This is achieved through the help of smartphones, tablets or PCs.

In case one would like to access the services, all they have to do is to sign up. The company’s websites connects one to the customer care team where they can create a live video chat. The video visitation is of particular importance for Xmas. It ensures that both inmates and loved ones are happy.