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How Arthur Becker Became a Real Estate Elite

Mr. Arthur P. Becker is the current Senior Manager at Madison Partners, LLC – a firm dealing in real estate and biotechnology investments. Before joining Madison, he held leading positions at ZINIO, LLC (largest newsstand in the world) and NaviSite – an internet technology company. Arthur was also the senior advisor at the Vera Wang fashion company for over six years.

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For his undergraduate, he went to Bennington College and later joined Tuck school of Business at Dartmouth where he began to have a real interest in Real Estate and Investments.

In an interview by The Real Deal, Mr. Arthur Becker reveals that he became deeply engaged in technology and housing when at NaviSite and ZINIO, and after selling Navisite, he decided to invest in condominium development in cities like New York, Miami, and Florida.

Arthur Becker enjoys working with people he respects in both real estate and technology. What he enjoys most about his work is when he get to coordinate the work of experts and other talented people in his industry.

His biggest business challenge would be balancing his drive with critical thinking. However, his experience in his startup helped him develop a clear vision and heightened his passion for engaging and leading his colleagues. Through his past failures, he can avoid making the same mistakes that resulted in the failures.

He once worked at Parks Department when he was only sixteen, a job he says was his worst job ever and the reason behind his motivation to strive for lucrative jobs that are interesting at the same time.

According to Arthur, the secret to the success of a business is a good working relationship between management. His advice to co-workers is they should listen to each other and the market and always be flexible in whatever strategy they undertake.

Since he is a big advocate for talent, Mr. Becker primary strategy is to identify talent, persuade the right people (talented ones) in a vision and get out of the way. More details can be found on Crunchbase.