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The Right To Live

Yeonmi Park knows perserverance. Her quest for freedom is a story about determination, heartbreak, exceptional strength, and hope. Yeonmi Park told her story to the world to shed light on the oppression in North Korea. Now skeptics are trying to discredit her story. A company, Pyongyang, has made a video in the hopes of discrediting her story. Critics are accusing her of trying to gain “celebrity” status by depicting her story with exaggerated details so it is more news worthy. Her story is a sad, hard story of a life surrounded by oppression and desperation. Park told her story from her perspective and even agrees that some of the details may have been altered due to the language barrier. That does not discount the fact that her life was a struggle and hardship.

For those trying to discount and discredit her story on the, they should understand that personal trials and tribulations are just that, personal. Unless you lived with Yeonmi Park, you don’t truly know what happened. Her life is not a glamorous life. It was a living hell and some parts were things most of us would never want anyone to know. Trying to discredit a personal triumph story is spiteful. Unless you have documented proof that she gave false details of her life, accept her story for what it is. A personal depiction of how life was for her. Most of us have no first hand knowledge of life with these kinds of hardships. It is not our place to send the message to anyone that your life doesn’t matter.