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The Success of White Shark Media

What causes success? Upon what foundation is success built? White Shark Media Complaints has achieved success in a way that many of their clients appreciate and find very inspiring. White Shark Media’s accomplishments are largely due to their willingness to devote themselves to the needs of their customers. Many companies may suggest this as an ideal, but very few act it out. That is why White Shark Media stands as a giant in the digital marketing industry. Entrepreneurs know that when they come to White Shark Media Review, they are going to receive full devotion and attention. It is for this reasons that so many people are attracted to this company.

They Actively Seek Reviews
Criticism is a difficult thing to bear. Many of us do not want to be told of our failures or where we need to improve. This may sometimes opens the door to a host of insults and name-calling. Yet it is necessary. Introspection is a necessary part of life, and self-reflection is necessary for any company. If a company is going to reflect upon their policies and service, they need feedback from their customers. White Shark Media Complaints actively asks their customers what can be improved. That is what we want to see in a company.
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White Shark Media values their Clients and their Employees

Bing Ads Management
Sometimes when you use a search engine, there are a few paid results above the natural results. They are clearly marked as paid results. As a company, you probably want to know how to take advantage of this platform and how to get the most out of it. If you are already using Bing Ads, then you might have a few questions. How can you increase your profits and traffic? What may be complicated to you is fairly routine to White Shark Media. They know how you can get the most out of your Bing Advertising Campaign. Pass the reigns on to them. They suggest that you will be able to raise your traffic by 29%.

Logo Design
You have probably considered adding a clever logo to your website. Although, you are not sure what sort of image would capture the essence of what you offer, and you might not even have the artistic or graphic design skills to compose it. If you were to sketch something out, it would be sloppy. That is why you should use White Shark Media’s business logo designs.

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Is White Shark Media Worth Trying?

What is White Shark Media?
White Shark Media does graphic design, builds customizable websites and works with company websites to generate more sales and ultimately more income. Their website services involve managing and evaluating different SEO and advertising components of the website. This includes:

      AdWords Evaluation
      Local AdWords Management
      E-Commerce AdWords Management
      Bing Ads Management
      PPC Management

AdWords management involves assessing an entity’s website to improve the effectiveness and revenue generated through advertising on that website. They also provide services that help companies advertise on other websites through the AdSense program. Learn more about White Shark Media Review/Complaints:

In this case a company pays when someone clicks on the ad for their service or product they found on another website. White Shark Media can potentially reduce the price a company pays each time someone clicks on their ad, for example.

  • Other services include:
  • Local Listings Management
  • Local SEO Evaluation
  • Local SEO Management

SEO evaluation and management involves researching a entity’s website relevance in Goggle searches and through specific changes to the website and it’s relationship to Google improve it’s relevance in Google searches that relate to the entity’s service.

They can also build 100% customizable website and design unique hand-drawn company logos. Through working with a website’s SEO and AdWords and providing customizable websites and original logos White Shark Media can influence the overall ability of a website to market and sell a product or service.

Who Runs White Shark Media?

White Shark Media is currently operated by Gary Garth (CEO), Andrew Lolk (CMO) and Tony Soares (Director of SEO and Web) Read more: Learn Why Thousands Of Small Businesses Trust White Shark Media

How is White Shark Media’s Reputation?

So far, they have developed a strong reputation and built a loyal clientele base with a few very unfavorable reviews.

One review, in particular, claimed that the campaign they ran for their website was a failure. They acknowledged that White Shark Media admitted that they failed in the campaign but would not own up to it.

Other reviews point out that White Shark Media decreased their cost per click for advertising on other entity’s websites by 49%. This cuts the marketing costs through AdWords almost in half, which suggests they can do high quality work. Read more: Georgia Web Marketer | White Shark Media Inc. on Atlanta

Another customer claimed that at the start of the campaign their website was generating about 35 leads per month which later increased to about 50-64 per month in six months.

An E-Commerce store in California claimed that since starting a campaign with White Shark Media their sales have increased for a much lower cost per month.

White Shark Media has a strong reputation despite the few negative reviews left on review sites around the internet.

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