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Consider Securus Technologies All Your Correctional Services

Securus Technologies Profile

Securus Technologies is passionate about making the world a better place to live in by all means. The Dallas-based firm has the commitment not only to serving people but connecting them by giving timely investigation, emergency response, monitoring products, public information, communication, and incident management among many others. Securus Technologies offers specialized services and products for the larger correctional fraternity.

The BBB Accreditation and What It Means For Securus

Securus formed two hundred and twenty seat in-house domestic call center with the aim of improving customer service to over 25 million families and friends. The feature is unique and makes it possible for Securus to control the way in which client needs are handled. Through this, the company was able to meet the BBB (Better Business Bureau) standards and requirements for accreditation.

Securus Technologies trains all its representatives to offer top-notch customer service. The accreditation goes ahead to show that Securus is a top provider of full spectrum solutions in the field. The company must meet certain requirements to get accredited including having zero complaints, longevity in business, and the capacity to solve complaints among others.

Call to Uphold Integrity

Many people like taking a back seat when it comes to matters of justice. In fact, they’ll rather sit and watch injustice prevail than take action. Thankfully, Securus Technologies has a firm stand and sees the need for clients to access high-quality services at all times. The company is committed to fighting against all kinds of injustices. Securus is an industry leader; hence, various public safety and law enforcement and correctional centers count on the company for simple but secure technological solutions.

The firm understands the importance of integrity and transparency and upholds it both on a local and international front. By working with Securus, your data will be safe, and you won’t encounter matters of fraud. The company respects the needs of every customer and customizes them to fit their expectations.

Securus Technologies Helps To Secures Your Future

Securus Technologies provides a service that is much needed in today’s world. Recently I came across an article that explains how Securus Technologies saved the taxpayers of the state of Louisiana more than 1.2 million dollars. The state department of Louisiana commissioned Securus Technologies to do an analytic investigation to identify any potential security breaches or wrong doings.

During their investigation their analytic data determined wrongdoings by a telecommunication corporation that was handling the States Correctional Communications for inmates. This company was adding 15 seconds to the beginning and end of calls sometimes and other times adding 30 seconds to the beginning and end of calls. On top of that, they were double-charging sometimes among several other infractions.

Thanks to the detailed analytics and investigative services offered by Securus Technologies this fraudulent activity did not go unpunished nor unnoticed. Securus Technologies handles more than just investigative Analytics. Everything from GPS monitoring services for court-appointed programs to Communications between inmates and those on the outside. Securus Technologies makes me feel a little more secure. Knowing that someone’s out there watching over taxpayers investments in keeping other companies and businesses operating in a compliant manner helps me to rest a little easier at night.


Securus Technologies provides emergency response management solutions two! It’s like there’s nothing they don’t do when it comes to protecting and serving the public in the best interest of the people. If you don’t know about Securus Technologies you should go and check out their website like I did and find out more about this amazing Dallas Texas based business that has an A+ rating and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.