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The Prosperity of the Business Ventures that have been established by Don Ressler

Don Ressler is an entrepreneur who is very innovative and has been recognized for his outstanding business skills. He has created many companies that have been profitable and an example is the Intelligence Beauty. His entrepreneurship career started by setting up The business made significant returns and it was purchased by Intermix Media. Don Ressler then established Alena Media by creating a partnership with Adam Goldenberg who was the COO of the Intermix Media. The enterprise was devoted to offering its customers exceptional e-commerce and advertisement demonstration solutions. The growth rate of Alena Media was fast, and the New Corp bought it in 2005. The firm was mismanaged, and this led to a decrease in its productivity.

Adam and Don Ressler quit the company and decided to found a new business. They had sufficient knowledge and experience running online marketing enterprises, and they were focused on creating a firm that they could operate anonymously. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler invited the former employees of Alena Media and worked together to form Brand Ideas. The business was later transformed to be known as Intelligence Beauty. The progress of the enterprise has not been excellent, but it established affiliates that have been prosperous. They are SENSA, which is skilled in offering weight loss products and DERMSTORE makes cosmetic and skin care commodities. The Intelligent Beauty’s CEO role was offered to the founder of the Intelligent Beauty and the manufacture of the products was managed by Dr. Alan Hirsch.

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Intelligent Beauty decided to expand in 2010 by creating JustFab. The company used a $33 million funding that was given by the Matrix Partner to facilitate the growth of the business. The enterprise managed to gain a significant market in the United States, and it got 4 million members in its first few months. In April 2010, its total subscribers had risen to more than 6 million. The profitability of the company made Intelligence Beauty, Matrix Partners, and Rho Ventures to give it am additional funding of $76 million.

JustFab then started the FabKids in January 2013 to gain more market from parents. It also acquired Fab Shoes, which is among Europe’s leading E-Business websites. The acquisition was essential to JustFab in penetrating the European market. The firm got more than three million members by the end of 2013 and majority of them were from Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Germany. It also received a funding of $40 million that used to create an athletic wear business, which is known as Fabletics. The total amount of funds that have been offered to JustFab is $250 million.

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