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George Soros Sees A Bleak Future For Europe

The future of the European Union has rarely looked as bleak as it does at the outset of 2016, according to hedge fund expert George Soros; in an interview with his own Website Soros reveals his fear that the European Union stands at the brink of collapse. The European Union currently faces multiple problems that have all been handled poorly by the leaders of the continent, particularly by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, George Soros believes. The many different issues facing Europe have come to a head with the arrival of Russian aggression in Europe and Syria that has now pushed the European Union to the edge of disintegration.
George Soros aims the majority of his criticism in the Bloomberg interview at Angela Merkel, but does agree her leadership skills have evolved over time with an initial success scored by her during the first stages of the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis. Soros was himself a refugee after being freed from a Nazi concentration camp at the close of World War II; the journey undertaken by Hungarian born Soros took him from Communist controlled East Germany to freedom in the U.S., and success in his financial career. The problems within society have always caused concern for George Soros and have prompted him to use his personal fortune of more than $24 billion to assist those in closed societies.

Angela Merkel has already stated her belief that the refugee crisis is the most important one facing the European Union in the 21st century, a stance George Soros agrees with wholeheartedly. George Soros does not believe the mass of refugees flooding Europe is occurring by chance, but has instead been orchestrated by the Russian President Vladimir Putin. The chance to destroy the European Union opens up a number of avenues for Russia to continue its aggression into Europe that began with the invasion of Ukrainian held Crimea.

The problem of Russia is not the only one facing the European Union, which George Soros believes has learned the trick of juggling numerous problems without solving any. The crisis in Greece has continued without any form of solution being offered by European Union leaders who are watching on as refugees place more strain on the struggling government of the nation. As the Greek crisis continues the borders of European nations are becoming increasingly difficult to control, which George Soros believe will prompt their closure and the end of the open society held so dear by supporters of the European Union.