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Talk Fusion Enhancing Businesses

Talk Fusion was launched in 2007 with the aim of helping businesses enhance marketing efforts through videos. Currently, the technology has been recently improved to include a video chat app and available in more than hundred and forty countries. Talk fusion helps businesses increase sales and profits by edging out the competition through improved interactions with clients.

Talk Fusion features

The application is available on both Google play and Apple stores with new features and functions for enhanced convenience. It can only be compatible with iOS 7 on Apple devices and 4.4.3 OS on Android devices. Another amazing feature of the application is the video emailing that necessitates businesses to easily connect with clients. Video emailing is more advantageous since it grabs attention more than the conventionally written emails. Additionally, it provides a higher engagement with clients leading to more clickthroughs.

Using the application

The application allows sending and receiving live or recorded videos. Additionally, the application contains various templates that can be used to enhance the videos. The user can also change the display and other features to increase the cohesiveness of the message. Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina indicates that the application can also be used for personal purposes such as engaging with family and friends. One feature that differentiates talk fusion from most similar applications is the convenience of holding video calls between different devices. Furthermore, the display of the application has a streamlined design and a speedier functionality.


Calls on the application take place via a link that ensures privacy. Through the link, a user can create secure private meeting rooms which can be saved and used at a later time. The security feature on the application necessitates secure international calls on any type of device. As long as there is a good internet connection, the user is able to send unlimited messages for personal and business purposes.

Upgrades and developments

Recently, the application has received few modifications that are aimed at increasing user’s experience. Picture messaging is one of the new features available in the chats with very high quality and minimal blurriness. Additionally, users are now able to create chat rooms based on individual countries. Finally, the Talk Fusion is free from ads, unlike other similar applications. Learn more:


Talk Fusion is a Leader in Technological Innovation

In the ever changing world of technology, Talk Fusion is an innovative company with many new technological advances on the horizon. It recently announced the news of a new dashboard for the additional products it plans to release. The company has indicated that there are many more changes to come.


The concept of Talk Fusion was created by its founder, and current CEO, Bob Reina. The new dashboard is the foundation on which new products can be added to its platform. The company has made a name for itself with its hugely popular video conferencing system, video email system.


There is always an ongoing need to continually upgrade, and enhance a user’s experience. The customer expects it, and the company must deliver. The recently introduced new product dashboard will have a positive impact to fulfill the need, now and going into the future.


In addition to video conferencing, Talk Fusion offers its customers an email video marketing system. It’s very popular, and as a marketing tool it cannot be matched. It can be very effective for building new business, growing a business, and attracting new customers.


While some people may think it would be very expensive, it is actually very affordably priced. It is of the highest quality available, and utilizes the newest technologies. It brings it all together smoothly and professionally. Best of all, it offers features that the competition cannot even come close to, in their veaions. CEO Bob Reina commented on this in a recent article. In terms of competition, he believes that the only competition that Talk Fusion has is itself, Talk Fusion. This is due to the forward thinking of Bob Reina and his team of experts at Talk Fusion.


The idea behind Talk Fusion came to Bob Reina years ago. He had sent a video of a home they was viewing, to some friends and family. Bob is a marketing expert. He thought about how effective it would be to be able to market a business, and its products and services through direct marketing, in this way, and on a global scale. That is when entrepreneur Bob Reina created his company, and Talk Fusion brought his dream to a reality. Learn more: