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Billy McFarland CEO of Spling and Magnises

Billy McFarland CEO of Spling and Magnises was born in New York City and raised in Short Hills, New Jersey. At the age of thirteen, he founded his first company which is an outsourcing company. This is a company that matches clients with designers. He attended and studied engineering at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

He’s been sometimes referred to by others as a “tech wiz” by Business Insider and a “mastermind” by Bloomberg. CNBC has referred to him as a “natural entrepreneur” who has mastered his way in learning how to monetize millennials.

After making the decision to drop out of college, he started another company. This is a company that allows website owners to improve the look of URL’s by changing them from text link into images that are on virtual bulletin boards organized as mosaics.

In 2013 McFarland founded a global company Magnises which is a card he launched on the first of March 2014. Magnises is a membership based platform that helps people take their life to the next level. This is not a bank card but a black card that is community-oriented used to approve everyday life.

The card is technology-based and can be used to transfer data from an existing card onto the strip of the Magnises card. The card can be used instead of the original card while still allowing users to be able to use both cards. The card has a fee of two hundred and fifty dollars annually with no limitations on spending or initiation fees.

According to Crunchbase, Billy McFarland has founded several non-profit programs that help aid in enforcing what he believes on technology being the key to opportunity. LEAP – Learning Entrepreneurship Through Active Participation and The Accelerate Foundation are two of his foundations.

He lives his life as an ambitious professional person with evidence in his endeavors. Not only is Bill McFarland a brilliant entrepreneur but he is someone that stands for what he believes and works to improve communities.