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Netpicks Advises Strategies to Win the Choppy Summer Months Trading

Netpicks, a leading online trading and education platform, advises the strategies to ensure better returns or profits from the choppy summer months trading. Considering the technology-sector selloff in the early weeks of June, the investors changed their approach to the investments. There is a sense of nervousness created among the investors, something that was not seen for a long. The trend is leading to choppy summer months. Though the investors have experienced many low-volume summer months, there is a general perception that this time it would be more intense. Netpicks advises that by following some proactive strategies, the investors can take advantage of the conditions.

By the long years of experience, the trading education platform asks to follow “Lock and Walk” strategy to ensure better returns. The strategy considers the resistance and support levels of the Nasdaq 100 NDX, and trading on ProShares Ultra QQQ and ProShares UltraShort QQQ when the both resistance and support levels are broken or tested. With the strategy, the investors should target resistance to sell if the support is tested by QLD. When the support breaks, the investors should sell QLD. People should target support to sell when the resistance is tested by QID. Similarly, if the resistance breaks, the investor should go for selling QID. Netpicks advises that it is not a fancy rule, and anyone who does some technical analysis can understand the rule better. It works on a simple strategy of buying near support and selling near resistance, but if the support breaks, stop temporarily.  Watch this clips from for helpful tips.

Netpicks was founded in the year 1996, and it won the gold standard recognition multiple times for providing high-quality trading education. By providing greater insights about forex, futures, signals, options, and stocks, the platform helps the traders to ensure better returns from various markets. It offers trading systems and tools for ETF investing, day trading, forex trading, swing trading, options trading, and more.  For NetPicks latest updates, click

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Netpicks has made its trading systems convenient to full-time traders, part-time traders, and instant traders alike and provides customized options according to the investor requirements. It provides regular trading tips and latest developments in the market that can influence the results. Useful info on

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