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Talkspace Therapists Working Overtime Since Donald Trump Became the President

Many people find it challenging to seek therapy for their mental condition thinking that it would not do any good to them. Another fear is that their family and friends might come to know about it and they would feel embarrassed. But with the ease that online therapy is being provided, more people are coming forward and seeking therapy on their own in a closed space without having to tell anyone. For the current millennial generation, technology is something that they rely upon. Talkspace allow people to speak to therapists through text messaging or video chats from anywhere and at any time.

In the past, people looking for therapy had to visit a professional in their office that took time, effort and money. Using Talkspace is much more accessible as one just has to download their app, create an account and get started right away. The amount of flexibility that online therapy offers to people is the reason why more people are not afraid to try it. Ever since Donald Trump became the President, Talkspace has seen a significant rise in the number of users signing up for their services. Even though the correlation has not been proved till now, the stress has led many people from the minority community and the LGBTQ community to seek online therapy rather than spending on traditional therapists.

The current generation does not want to drive to a therapist and sit with them for a couple of hours for therapy. They would instead relax in their home and speak to a therapist via text messages just like they would talk to a friend. Talkspace has allowed more and more people to come out of their cocoon and seek help for any mental issue that they might be facing. It is no doubt that the number of people trying online therapy is likely to increase in the coming years as well.