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Norka: A Positive Venezuelan

Norka Luque is one of the most positive things to ever come out of Venezuela. While there are many stars within the country, she is one of the ones that shines the brightest and the furthest throughout the world. Her music has a fan base of people on all different corners of the globe and she has been heard every where from Latin America to Iceland and everywhere in between. Norka Luque has made sure that she made a name for herself from the beginning of her singing career and it has paid off with all of the different ways that she is easily recognized in the world.
It wasn’t always that way, though, Singer Norka was once just a girl who wanted to study business at college and wanted a career that definitely had nothing to do with singing when she started out. There were many things that she was able to do and the business degree was the first of many accomplishments from this young woman. She made sure that she completed everything that she started and this included the business degree that she was initially trying to obtain from a French university. She did so with great success but decided that she did not want to be a business person.

She then thought that she might enjoy something that had to do with the culinary arts. After much thought and a lot of discussions, she decided that she was going to go to culinary school in France. There, she learned how to cook some of the most advanced dishes and how to properly prepare them for anyone from a small dinner party to the royalty. She was successful but she still felt that there was something more and something better that was out there waiting for her.

That something was singing. While she had always enjoyed singing as a hobby, it had never occurred to her to use it as a primary form of income. She entered the business of singing after a band discovered her voice. The band wanted her to sing with them and she took the opportunity. She wanted to sing a lot and she became comfortable on the stage. This meant that she was able to learn the ins and outs. She eventually turned this opportunity into real-world experience. She learned how to sing on her own and became a solo artist in no time.