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Reasons to go for Waiakea Water

Waiakea Water is a water company founded by Ryan Emmons. It was started a few years ago with the primary objective of providing pure and healthy water for the communities in need. It extracts its water from snowmelt and the rainwater from the peak of one of the active volcanoes in Hawaii. Since it was established, it has grown to a significant level due to the highest level of trust it has created in its customers.

Waiakea water is known to be so delicious and to have some added health benefits. It contains calcium which is necessary for strong teeth, bones and other health benefits, magnesium and silica which has a lot of health benefits too such as neurological health benefits. As a result, the company has earned itself a good name in the market due to the level of satisfaction it gives to its customers. In any business, satisfaction is always the best advertisement ever, since when the customers are well satisfied they attract more customers. This is one of the reasons that have contributed to the company’s increase in positive cash flows.

Another reason that has led to the success of Waiakea Water Company is the technology they use to make sure that water as a scarce resource on the earth planet is used sustainably in a way that it will satisfy the present generation and at the same time cater for the needs of the future generations. It has done this by improvising water bottles that are degradable to conserve the environment.

Non-biodegradable materials cause environmental pollution and the worst of all the destruction of the ozone layer thus reducing the amount of rainfall. Rainfall is one of the main sources of pure drinking water. Also when the plastics are burnt they release some gases such as carbon II oxide which when combines with moisture in the atmosphere, it causes acid rain that is harmful to lives in the marine water, plants thus leading to cases of famine. So, this is a very crucial step that the company has taken that has made it appreciated worldwide.

The company continues to work on their mission to provide natural and healthy water while meeting the needs and ethical requirements of the communities’ worldwide

Waiakea Water Attributes Its Success To Health, Sustainability, and Charitable Initiatives

In October of 2015, Waiakea Water had an astonishing announcement. The company had experienced a 5,000 percent growth since its founding just three years prior. The year previous had awarded the company with their products being sold in almost 2,000 stores across 30 states. This success awarded the company the opportunity to build a new manufacturing facility.

According to Gust, Ryan Emmons, founder of Waiakea water, is rightfully proud of the company’s success, going from selling a couple thousand cases of water a year to more than 120,000. What’s even better is that as a result of the company’s increase, over 500 million liters of clean, safe water had been given back to rural communities in Africa. He believes that company’s success can be attributed to doing things at his company different than others do. By focusing on health, sustainability, and ethics, the company has built a company that makes consumers feel great, on numerous levels.

 Waiakea spring water was founded on three basic values: health, sustainability, and charitable initiatives. As part of the company’s mission, they partnered with Pump Aid, an organization that proudly provides underserved communities with clean drinking water. With this partnership, Waiakea donates 650 liters of clean water for every liter they sell. With Waiakea’s help, Pump Aid has helped give clean drinking water to millions of people.

Their charitable contributions really only make up one-third of Waiakea’s success. They also boast a mineral-rich, naturally alkaline water that is taken from a sustainable source. They take sustainability just a little further by packaging their products in packages that are made entirely from recycled bottles. They are one of the only water companies who has been CarbonNeutral certified for its diverse eco-initiatives.

Since the company’s founding, they have experienced an average annual growth of 170 percent and are now valued at over $10 million. Their water is available in premium chains all over the nation and they are beginning to expand on an international level.

New You reported that Waiakea’s water originates from the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii, by snowmelt and rain. This is one of the purest environments on Earth. The water is then filtered through roughly 14,000 feet of the volcano, giving it its mineral-rich, naturally alkaline properties. They are a leader in regards to sustainability and its eco-initiatives. The company’s mission is to provide healthy and delicious volcanic water and contribute to the world’s clean water access, doing so in a sustainable manner.