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Whitney Wolfe, A Women Worth Watching Out For

Whitney Wolfe, founder, CEO, and 20% owner of Bumble; a women’s empowerment dating app, understands the obstacles women often must face. Also a founder of Tinder Whitney Wolfe left in 2014 she was wrongly stripped of her founders title, harassed and discriminated against by Justin Mateen her ex-boss and boyfriend. Wolfe sued, Mateen denied any wrongdoing but was suspended and eventually resigned. The lawsuit was quickly settled for $1 million.

Wolfe then formed the idea for a feminine approach to dating apps. Andrey Andreev of Badoo; the world’s largest online dating network, took notice of Whitney Wolfe sending letters requesting her to work for him. Whitney simply responded “I’m not for hire”. However she did pitch her feminine dating app idea, Andreev was intrigued. In exchange for 79% of the company Andreev invested over 10 million for marketing and growth.

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In December of 2014 Bumble was released; an app where after a match is made the female must first initiate a conversation or the match will vanish in 24 hours. Bumble exceeded expectations with 100,000 downloads in the first month. Now America’s fastest growing dating app, Bumble, has 22 million users with an annual growth of 70%. In 2017 Bumble crossed 100 million in sales due to in-app purchases. When asked about entering the most crowded and established digital market Whitney Wolfe responded “Crowded meant ‘for men’” and she’s proud going into a “crowded space and do it differently”. The match Group, which owns Tinder, sued Bumble accusing them of violating patents and trademarks, Bumble replied in an open letter “We swipe left on your multiple attempts to buy us, copy us, and now intimidate us” filing a countersuit accusing match of using misleading tactics to obtain private information and attempting to scare off potential investors.

This was all after Whitney Wolfe turned down a 430 million dollar buyout from match, on the subject Wolfe said “I just don’t harbour resentment… – I’m too busy.”. Bumbles’ success is partially thanks to focusing on women’s needs, but also to its overall inviting theme. It’s no wonder people scrambled to get their hands on bumble sweaters, it’s a company people can be “Proud enough to say I’m on the service”.


The Perfect Niche For Your Business With Doe Deere

Many businesses have humble beginnings, catering to a niche market. How do you find one that will be successful? What’s the best advice for success? The best place to start is by asking someone who has done it already. Doe Deere, the owner of the very popular cult-favorite Lime Crime cosmetics, is a good reference for answers. Learn more:


Doe Deere was motivated by a passion for cosmetics. She became solely interested in developing a product that would help create colorful looks using quality products that worked and lasted on the skin. She advises that people should look into market trends first and discover if their passion will be profitable. She also urges people to come up with their business plan. Have everything on paper so you can present when you’re asking for loans. Look online for some samples and then proceed to use those as a guide to help you create yours. Always be willing to listen to those around you. Your employees and your customers will always be able to provide the best feedback. Learn more:


Doe Deere’s other, most important words of wisdom say that you must be willing to initially work hard for little to no pay. Starting up a company is hard work, time-consuming, and little initial reward. With persistence, however, success will lead you to ultimate satisfaction and great reward. Learn more:


Deere was raised in New York City but she was born in Russia. She began a DIY fashion line in 2004 on eBay. After doing her own makeup and being attracted to bright, bold colors, she realized these colors were not readily available. She decided to fill that need and launched her cosmetics in 2008.


Lime Crime is a cult classic online due to the extraordinary colors and rich, pigmented eyeshadow formula. Another popular item is the liquid matte lipsticks; they stay on and do not dry out or crumble. The line is cruelty-free and vegan, ensuring that nobody is purchasing any item that has caused an animal to suffer. The entire line is approved and certified by Leaping Bunny, who has set up strict standards for being able to carry their label. Learn more:


Lime Crime is all about self-expression and being comfortable with yourself by breaking boundaries. Doe Deere represents inspiration for young women who are interested in taking control and becoming their own boss. Never a dull moment, Doe Deere is always working to make sure her company is running smoothly, figuring out what areas of the business need attention and seeking out solutions, or working with her staff to create greater products for her customers. Learn more here:


Doe Deere Is On A Mission

Many people find that life should be about passion whenever possible. A motivating passion is one that often lets them enjoy life fully. Such is the case with makeup entrepreneur and expert Doe Deere. Deere sees makeup as many things. She sees it as a means of allowing women the chance to put on something that can make them feel good. She also sees makeup as a means of important self expression, where the user can have it as a way of showing who they are to the rest of the world. She knows that women also use makeup to help them conceal minor imperfections that can make them feel bad. What she wants in her passion for cosmetics and makeup is for everyone to feel and care about their use as much as she does.

Beauty Moments

As she tells others in the following article, she wants people to come to makeup and discover their own beauty moments. She reminds her customers each day that beauty can come from many places, but it mostly comes from within when people feel confident and happy about the choices they have made each day. She hopes to show her customers how they can take makeup and use it to create various kinds of beauty in life just as she has done. It is with that aim in her that she comes to work each day, devoted to the concept that the world should be a beautiful place in every possible way.

Her Own Space

It is also with this concept in mind that she chose to start her own line of beauty products. Her online retailing company focuses closely on creating many kinds of cosmetics that she knows her many fans will adore. She aims to offer them something special that they may not be able to find anywhere else. Her Lime Crime, an online site with various products for sale in many makeup categories is where she brings her ideas about beauty, fashion and the world to life for others to experience and see. Lime Crime allows her to experiment with various types of makeup products in order to figure out new looks. She knows that her clients return to her space again and again to see what she has come up with. Learn more:

A Vibrant Cosmetics Line

Above all, she brings a sense of vibrancy to her cosmetics line. Her passion here at Lime Crime can clearly been with the products she sells as well as the creation of photographs on the site that are as much about art as they are about anything else. She shows that it is possible to dive right into the world of color and come up with looks that work well in any situation. This is one of many reasons why she has been so successful in her work. Her many national and international fans know they can look to her to help them create their own personal worlds that are all about personal beauty.

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Fabletic’s New Swimsuit Line

In 2013, award winning actress, style icon, and mother Kate Hudson launched Fabletics with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, their goal was to offer high quailty fitness clothes at an easily accessible price. The mostly online service gives consumers an opportunity to subscribe to a membership, so every month they can receive fashionable gear of the highest standard right to their doorstep, without draining their bank account.

The Fabletic website has an easy to follow three step process. The first step is to take a pop quiz, it just asks a few simple questions to help them understand your body type and style preferences. The second step is to shop for your new clothes, you can also choose from thousands of styles beyond your personal recommendations –

During the third step, you have the option to check out as a guest or join the VIP membership program, this allows you to get new styles every month.

Fabletics stores offers a wide variety of active wear and fitness clothes for men and women, they offer promotions like $25 for your first order. Along with their array of fabulous outfits, they offer accessories like bags and water bottles.

In an interview with Elle Magazine, Kate Hudson demonstrated how easily Fabletics active wear can be introduced into your casual wardrobe by sporting her Fabletic top with a pair of jeans. During many of Hudson’s interviews, she can be spotted wearing Fabletic clothing while promoting the company she co-founded.

Elite Daily has announced Fabletic’s new swimsuit line, and just in time with summer right around the corner. The article written by Emily Arata, is an interesting viewpoint detailing the new swim wear line. Every single swim suit is made from recycled materials, they also boost UV protection. They offer sexy and stylish suites, inspired by tropic and nautical themes for every body style. Spokeswoman and co-founder Kate Hudson has ensured us that Fabletics has taken extra care in making the suits comfortable to wear.

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Doe Deere- A Drop of Golden Sun to brighten up your wardrobe

In 2008, a new brand of cosmetics hit the scene. A brand so fierce, so ferocious, and so fun, that it could only be worn by unicorns. Or at let’s that’s what CEO Doe Deere calls her loyal and substantial fan base, her unicorns. She created Lime Crime, a whimsical cosmetics brand that is all about feeling good, being happy, embracing femininity, and doing what’s right for you. The brand welcomes color with open arms and uses it to bring what’s inside out while turning conventional fashion wisdom upside down.

Deere says she wishes she had started her business earlier, and that the secret to her success is trusting her gut and testing all her products on herself first. Her brand stands true to a cruelty-free policy and never tests on animals. She even carries this philosophy into her business practice and says that she does not believe in “iron-fisted” rule but prefers a team spirit of growing, learning, and respect. Along with her husband, she has worked to make her cosmetics line and her world-at-my-fingertips fashion sense as unconventionally common as the woman herself.

Doe took 7 of the most common fashion rules and gave them a Lime Crime, love yourself makeover.

1. Bold eye and bold lip, at the same time? Yes, please! Her reason? Feed your heart with color. If it makes you happy, wear it.

2. Don’t mix too many colors. Deere says…Why Not? Her philosophy, mix and match as you please. Color coordination is the key. Pink and green, or peach and periwinkle, bold, but in a complementary way.

3. Patterns! Yes, you can mix them. Doe’s tip for beginners is to mix patterns or colors, not both. On the other hand, if you’re experienced, go all in sister!

4. Fun socks are great socks, wear them with open toed heels. She says ‘what’s the point if you can’t show them off.’

5. Rainbow hair does not mean funeral attire. Doe says keep carrying color throughout. With pastel hair, try softer colors. With deeper color, try more saturated tones in your wardrobe.

6. Don’t dress your age, dress your emotions. The Unicorn Queen says that just because you reach a certain age does not mean fun is off limits. Keep wearing what you love.

7. The special occasion is today if you want to wear it. Don’t hide your favorite pieces in the back of the closet waiting for the right time and place. Fashion is about you, so make it your own.