Deirdre Baggot Journey as a Pioneer of Bundled Payments in the Healthcare Industry

Deirdre Baggot is a very experienced clinician as well as a hospital executive. She possesses a wide range of knowledge and skills and in the field of bundled payments. She is the pioneer in the industry due to her valued leadership at Acute Care Episode. Deirdre has specialed her skills in the improvement of the payment reforms in the healthcare industry and has been responsible for consultation payment for two major advisory firms in the industry.

Deirdre Baggot has managed to develop a lot of clients relationships in the industry and has been able to design and also implement programs for more than 200 hospitals in the world. This alone has helped improve clients’ experience and even outcomes all at a reduced cost. Deirdre Baggot is also a senior advisor in various healthcare system boards and has been able to achieve tremendously in the field. Visit on her twitter for more updates.

Baggot has been recognized globally in the medical fraternity for her significant achievements in bundled payments. She has also been invited to various medical conferences as a keynote speaker whereby she has been able to share her experience and results in the grouped payment category. Some of the meetings attended are American Collge of Health Executives, American Heart Association, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Innovation Summit, Healthcare Financial Management Association, Per-For-Performance Summit, Medtronic, SAS as well as Bundled Payment Congress.

Ms. Baggot is also an experienced author and has managed to write several papers on various subjects ranging from payment transformation, bundled payment, and Healthcare Reform. She has also appeared on Planet Monday as an expert, Morning Editions of National Public Radios, as well as All Things Considered. In 2012, she was appointed by CMS to participate as an expert reviewer for Bundled Payments.

Deirdre has also served in several healthcare leadership roles. Some of them are Universty of Michigan Healthcare System, whereby she served for more than ten years and even Northwestern Memorial Hospital in the department of academic healthcare.

Baggot is a former student of the University of Colorado where she earned her Ph.D. She also attended the Loyola University of Chicago for her degree as well as her MBA. She is also a Nursing graduate. Connect:


How Ted Bauman is Impacting People Positively by Writing

Ted Bauman is a writer and editor who has dedicated his career to providing insights on investments and analyzing the latest markets developments for his readers. He is an economist by training and communicates his two cents mainly through his publications, The Bauman Letter, and the Plan B Club. He provides insights meant to help readers in asset protection, low-risk investments, and international migration. With more than two decades of experience in the finance industry, his advice has shown its worth by helping many achieve their desired success.

While acquiring wealth could be outright comfortable most people forget about securing and protecting the wealth. According to Ted Bauman’s recent article, one should have a plan that can work in both bear markets and bull markets. This plan will ensure the security of assets and maximum gains on investments. Ted Bauman suggests these three steps in the protection of investments. First one should create a wall of protection around an investment by avoiding risky ventures that promise overnight success. Secondly one should protect investments by investing in bonds and stock. He noticed many investors are not aware of bonds which guarantee a monthly dividend. Lastly one needs to invest in both stocks and bonds to reap from both worlds of investment. The shares will benefit the investor during market gains while the bonds will protect his investment portfolio when the stock market crashes.

Before becoming a writer, Ted Bauman had gained experience in the world of finance in various countries. Even though he was born in the US, he started his career in South Africa after attaining his college degree in economics. He was employed as a fund manager and worked with some NGOs like Slum Dwellers International. Later in the 90 and 200s, he consulted for international entities like the Government of South Africa, United Nations, the World Bank plus more others. Bauman relocated to the US in 2008 where he worked briefly as a Director for International Housing Program for an NGO before he quit to venture fully on writing. His experience in these different entities has equipped him with a lot of wisdom on financial investments that he uses to impact thousands of readers worldwide.


Southridge Capital Focusing on Philanthropy through the Daystar Foundation

Using cutting edge progressive financial techniques, Southridge Capital’s expertise lies on their ability to customize financial plans that are based on the specific needs of the client. Based on over twenty years of experience financing public and private companies worldwide, Southridge Capital has developed a unique understanding of their clients multifaceted and complex issues. And, they can advise on a wide range of issues from individual financing to the processes of forming a public company as well as full corporate restructuring.


Southridge Capital structured finance team is responsible for putting more than $1.7 billion of growth into companies worldwide. Their core executive team refines distinct strategies for financial leverage of their marketplace. And Stephen M. Hicks, founder and Southridge’s and CEO has strategically set the overall direction for the group, and controls and executes all business development plans. With more than 35 years invested in the industry, he has a wide range of experiences in investment banking, risk arbitrage, derivative and financial structuring.


Mr. Hicks strongly believes in social responsibility and the principles thereof with informal and formal philanthropy. By giving, promoting volunteer work and community leadership, Hicks feels he is strengthening his firm and improving himself, with the positive impact that he makes on society. He focuses his energy on the initiatives that strengthen and support the community and enhance efforts from non-profit organizations throughout the country. For more details you can visit


In the late 1980’s, Stephen and Mary Hicks began a husband and wife organization to support multiple charitable organizations. Through their organization, Daystar Foundation, Stephen and Mary have committed to the betterment of their community and overall society by donating to organizations such as The Tim Tebow Foundation, The LounsBury House, The Save a Child’s Heart Foundation and many other charitable organizations directly helping people in need.


Southridge Capital has made commitments of charitable giving through their Daystar foundation for decades. They have supported meaningful causes as personal mission as well as a social responsibility of the corporation. Stephen M. Hicks makes significant impacts on people’s lives and makes an example to society of what can be accomplished by giving to the community.





Sheldon Lavin: A Super Achiever and Philanthropist

Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and CEO of the OSI Group of Companies. The company started its exponential growth when Lavin became a partner in 1970. He steered the company to one of the largest food processing enterprise. OSI Group has about 65 facilities in over 15 countries around the world. Most of the food items enjoyed today in the local food stores is supplied by the group.

Sheldon Lavin strongly believes in the sustainable use of natural resources. He understands the importance of the environmental conservation and has incorporated green ethics in his management. His company recorded a 20% drop in electricity consumption in Spain. As an experienced banking executive and investor, he continues to expand the food business through strategic market approach and food safety practices.

The company boasts of over 20,000 employees across the world. They fondly acknowledge Sheldon’s leadership approach. The investor often delegates some of his duties to highly competent individuals in his company. Sheldon says this approach helps him make informed decisions about the company.

In Feb 2016, Sheldon Lavin was recognized as a persistent and visionary leader who has built a business empire from the ground. He was honored with the Global Visionary Award in India. Additionally, RSM US LLP 2015 presented him with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his unrivaled commitment to the local and business community in Chicago. OSI Group, under his leadership, has won other vital awards including the Globe of Honors Award given by the British Safety Council. The award recognizes “corporations that had developed creative techniques of minimizing environmental pollution.”

According to Forbes, OSI Group is ranked 66th in the food and beverage market and is a leading firm in the world. These global awards and recognitions were made possible by Lavin’s exemplary performance and leadership.

Business is not the sole focus of Sheldon Lavin. He is an active philanthropist involved in numerous charities that have contributed positively to the lives of the less fortunate people around the world. Lavin is involved in several charity and community events including the Ronald McDonald House Charities, Feeding America, Jewish United Fund, Evans Scholarship Fund, and Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago.

Sheldon Lavin is an icon businessman and philanthropist who is a role model to young entrepreneurs.

Fortress Investment Group Co Founder Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is one of the co founders of the investment firm known as Fortress Investment Group. Along with Wes Edens, he co founded the firm in 1998 and has since served on a number of high level positions. These include chief executive officer, principal and also on the firm’s management committee. Prior to co founding Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone worked at other investment firms such as UBS. He has also been involved in managing another firm known as Blackrock Financial Management. At the beginning of his career, Randal worked at a top law firm based in New York City. Today, Nardone is among the wealthiest Americans according to Forbes.

The first work experience that Randal Nardone had was when he worked at the law firm Thatcher, Proffitt & Wood. He would start out as an associate attorney and then work his way up to higher level positions. At the end of his stint at the law firm, Nardone served as a member of the executive committee. During his time as a member of the executive committee, Randal would demonstrate his leadership skills and ability to make sound business decisions. While he was working at this law firm Randal decided to pursue other opportunities in the financial sector.

Over the next several years, Randal Nardone would get involved with a number of financial services firms. He would start up a firm known as Blackrock Financial Management. While he was running this firm, he would serve as its principal. This gave him valuable experience in managing a financial services firm. While this was a positive experience for him, he looked to join a more established firm and went on to join the firm UBS. At UBS, Randal served as the firm’s managing director in which he would provide strategy and make key business decisions for the firm. He also participated in the firm’s acquisition of new clients as well.

In 1998, Nardone left UBS to start up Fortress Investment Group. Along with other financial services industry professionals, Nardone would establish the firm as an innovative financial services company. Over the last twenty years, Nardone has helped make Fortress Investment Group a highly successful firm in the financial services industry. The firm would become a leader at providing key services such as in advisory and mergers and acquisitions. During the last two decades, the firm has expanded to many countries all over the world under his leadership.

Whitney Wolfe, A Women Worth Watching Out For

Whitney Wolfe, founder, CEO, and 20% owner of Bumble; a women’s empowerment dating app, understands the obstacles women often must face. Also a founder of Tinder Whitney Wolfe left in 2014 she was wrongly stripped of her founders title, harassed and discriminated against by Justin Mateen her ex-boss and boyfriend. Wolfe sued, Mateen denied any wrongdoing but was suspended and eventually resigned. The lawsuit was quickly settled for $1 million.

Wolfe then formed the idea for a feminine approach to dating apps. Andrey Andreev of Badoo; the world’s largest online dating network, took notice of Whitney Wolfe sending letters requesting her to work for him. Whitney simply responded “I’m not for hire”. However she did pitch her feminine dating app idea, Andreev was intrigued. In exchange for 79% of the company Andreev invested over 10 million for marketing and growth.

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In December of 2014 Bumble was released; an app where after a match is made the female must first initiate a conversation or the match will vanish in 24 hours. Bumble exceeded expectations with 100,000 downloads in the first month. Now America’s fastest growing dating app, Bumble, has 22 million users with an annual growth of 70%. In 2017 Bumble crossed 100 million in sales due to in-app purchases. When asked about entering the most crowded and established digital market Whitney Wolfe responded “Crowded meant ‘for men’” and she’s proud going into a “crowded space and do it differently”. The match Group, which owns Tinder, sued Bumble accusing them of violating patents and trademarks, Bumble replied in an open letter “We swipe left on your multiple attempts to buy us, copy us, and now intimidate us” filing a countersuit accusing match of using misleading tactics to obtain private information and attempting to scare off potential investors.

This was all after Whitney Wolfe turned down a 430 million dollar buyout from match, on the subject Wolfe said “I just don’t harbour resentment… – I’m too busy.”. Bumbles’ success is partially thanks to focusing on women’s needs, but also to its overall inviting theme. It’s no wonder people scrambled to get their hands on bumble sweaters, it’s a company people can be “Proud enough to say I’m on the service”.


Stream Energy’s Philanthropy just Another day in the Office

For many, Philanthropy might seem like something that’s only done once in a while or not at all. Stream Energy makes it their business to serve and enrich their community through charitable endeavors. After Hurricane Harvey, there were lots of people trying to repair their lives at that point and were in need of some assistance. Stream Energy was the first on the scene by giving donations to the charitable organization Hope.

These people specialize in making the lives of those inflicted with a disaster more bearable by providing much-needed resources and emotional support. Not only do they provide outstanding business for their local area in what they do by selling affordable clean energy and other services; they take pride in giving back to the community at large by assisting the customers and potential clients in creating a better life from the ashes. Stream Energy was at the heart of the storm and was a present support for those who had the misfortune of their homes getting destroyed.

No one can help when nature decides to go ballistic on the environment, and Stream Energy understands the happenstance of the world and the need for a big heart in the midst of a gloomy storm. They are truly a rainbow for all those children who are without food or supplies and have given then hope to continue life as normal by their generous contribution to society and their personal community.

They set the example of a business that shows empathy and genuine hospitality for those in need. Stream Energy takes pride in their work and has done so for over four years of generous contributions. They are truly experienced in the art of helping people and make a habit of getting involved in the lives of their clients. This is going above and beyond what is required which is exceptionally admirable for such a large company. They continue to push recovery efforts and assistance for the victims of the tragic storm. Their work for the needy and homeless is especially important to the face of the company because it shows immense kindness.

End Citizens United Attempt To Oust Ted Cruz from Washington D.C.

The history of politics shows politicians underestimate the power of the people at their peril. One of the growing stories of the 2018 Midterms is the narrowing gap between incumbent Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Democrat Beto O’Rourke. End Citizens United is a traditional PAC dedicated to the reversal of the divisive Citizens United decision of the 2010 Supreme Court. Beto O’Rourtke is the perfect candidate for End Citizens United to support with his belief in operating a grassroots-backed campaign highlighting his integrity and work ethic. View their financial information on Open Secrets.


In contrast, Ted Cruz has built a reputation for his willingness to support many different forms of special interest groups who are keen to support their own future. Cruz has a favorability rating of 38 percent and a 49 percent unfavorable ranking among Texas voters because of his lack of concern for the issues facing everyday Texans. In contrast, Beto O’Rourke has refused to accept the funding of special interest groups or the support of political strategists and polling groups. Follow the group on

End Citizens United’s stance on election funding sees them operate as a traditional PAC with no single donor allowed undue influence on the direction of the political action committee. Born in 2015, the arrival of End Citizens United came in response to the 2010 Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court which backed a group hoping to show a politically biased movie during the 2008 Democratic nomination process. Citizens United refused to give details of the financial backers of “Hillary: The Movie” and who was paying for the broadcast of the film.

The End Citizens United decision gave corporations and Super PAC’s the opportunity to be viewed as individuals with their rights protected under the Constitution. The main area for the support of Beto O’Rourke building in the Lone Star State has been the campaign financing regulations which are now discussed during the campaign rallies of the Democrat candidate. End Citizens United has conducted its own polls showing the 18-point lead Cruz enjoyed at the turn of 2018 turns into a narrow lead for Beto O’Rourke when his stance of campaign financing rules are explained to the voters.


OSI Industries “Meets” Global Success

The story of OSI Industries is a real life tale of American possibilities and potential. It all began in the early 20th century, when a German immigrant from Chicago, Otto Kolschowsky, opened a neighborhood meat market and butcher shop. Several years later, he expanded the business into wholesale operations. Business continued to be good, and in 1928 was given the name, Otto and Sons. For decades, Otto and Sons served their local community as a dependable local business. The path of the company changed in the 50’s when Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald’s in Illinois. Kroc asked Otto and Sons to be the fresh ground beef supplier for his restaurant. While this probably seemed like normal business at the time, the future of this partnership was headed for greater success than either could have realized at the time.

As McDonald’s continued to grow into one of the most recognized brands in the world, Otto and Sons kept supplying the ever increasing demand. Eventually, keeping up with this demand became their main business. McDonald’s prided itself on providing consistent products to its customers, and long distance transportation of meat products began to be an issue. Fortunately flash freezing became an option around this time and saved the partnership that led to global success for both companies. In 1975, Otto and Sons became OSI Industries, a company under rapid expansion. Around this time, Sheldon Lavin joined the company, and later became chairman and CEO.

OSI was ranked number 58 on Forbes list of largest private companies in 2016.Today, OSI Industries is one of the world’s largest food providers, and continues to actively expand operations. In 2016, OSI purchased a new processing facility and storage warehouse to facilitate further growth, acquired a controlling stake in Baho Food, a convenience food manufacturer, and purchased Flagship Europe, a UK food service provider. The expansion continued in 2017 as OSI Industries added a high capacity production line to a facility in Spain, allowing increased production of chicken products, which are in high demand in the area. OSI has over 100 years of experience, and continues to adapt to meet the global product demand.

Why Jeremy Goldstein Is a Business Lawyer with a Prestigious Name

A business lawyer plays a vital role in business establishment and management matters. Most businesses today have some legal steps to follow if they are to operate within the set standards. Since most business people don’t know how to go about it, they prefer working closely with a competent business lawyer like Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy has advised many businesses and corporations in various parts of the world. He is very competent in handling various transactions and issues related to corporate governance and executive compensation. Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates was the law firm he established over ten years ago, and it has continued to offer substantial help to the business people.


Most people know Jeremy since he has interacted with many famous companies and individuals. Among the highly-esteemed clients Jeremy Goldstein has served include AT&T, Merk, and Verizon. He is not the kind of employers who tell the employees what to do while far. Jeremy has always worked closely with the employees in his law firm to ensure every legal issue is handled in the right way. Most conventions and conferences have invited Jeremy to shed some more light on corporate governance, as well as, on executive compensation.


When a person has become a prestigious business lawyer, they usually have some busy schedules. Handling these schedules is not always easy, but they know how to do it. Corporate leaders, CEOs, management teams, and compensation committees are some of the groups Jeremy interacts with often. He helps these groups to discover some of the employee benefits they hadn’t thought about before. Those who have interacted with Jeremy Goldstein on stock options know these stocks are better than some other employee benefits.


Jeremy insists that the stock options should be the employers’ most preferred compensation tactic. Although Jeremy Goldstein knows that not every company or corporation could afford stock options, he says it’s important to have them in business. It’s wrong to assume that the stock options aren’t important anymore. Jeremy says that the stock options help the employees to work harder and become more responsible in whatever they do. He knows the stock options would be the best decision in the corporate practice, but he says the corporations should first consult their accountants before they reintroduce these stock options.


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