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Whitney Wolfe Works to Help Women Build Their Lives

Even though Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble has started off as an app for dating, she has looked for other ways that she can empower women. One thing that she wants to do is empower one group without having to put another group under the bus. This is one way that she differentiates herself from some of the other feminists. Whitney Wolfe’s wants to make sure that women not only are better able to find the right men for them but are also able to build a full life without a man. Therefore, she has added to her dating app. These additions bring forth different opportunities for women.

Her BFF addition to the Bumble app has been developed for the purpose of helping women find the right friends. It is very easy to make friends for both men and women. One of the reasons behind this is that people have a different mindset towards friendships than they do towards relationships. However, it can be even easier for people to find themselves in abusive friendships that are filled with envy, jealousy and sabotage. It is for this reason that Whitney has put together BFF. With BFF, women are better able to screen potential users out of their friendships as well as potential mismatches.

The business and professional world is also one of the most important worlds for women. Whitney Wolfe, being an entrepreneur, has understood the challenges that could come with being an entrepreneur. One thing that can happen with entrepreneurs is that they can find themselves hitting a wall. This is where Bumble Bizz comes in. It helps people with the networking they need so that they can reach their goals. It can also help people connect with employers that can bring them the type of job they need without all of the drama.

Whitney Wolfe has shown that she is the type of person women need. As women learn to build themselves, then they will learn to truly appreciate themselves. They will also have even greater confidence within themselves so that they won’t have to worry about being hurt by a man. Their confidence will help them find the right type of man for them.

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